A Social Media Primer

Have you thought about the ways social media can help you promote your company?  It’s a direct communication to your audience, for starters.  Social Media through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and the like, allow you to speak openly and honestly with your readers and customers.

social media marketingAs a social media “poster”, you get to share your expertise and thoughts with an audience that in most cases wants to hear what you have to say. And it’s an activity that builds community.  It’s better than posting on websites themselves, and much better than e-mail marketing when coupled with a great strategy. Although you can certainly tie in email marketing to any social media campaign.

Here are a couple of tips to help you get the most out of this method of communication.  First, consider your readers.  Is this a personal account or a business?  Do your readers want to get information, to get an “expert opinion,” or engage in conversation? They may simply be interested in trivial fun stuff too.  Coming up with answers to those questions can help you set the tone and decide what information to post about.  Second, remember that readers have a short attention span. Write strong headlines to peak their curiosity–to gain some interest and lead them into the main post. Keep it short and to the point. You don’t want them to take one look at your post and say, “Whoa, way too much jargon.” and move on, right?  You want them to read and get something out of it–something to take away from it too.  So make sure you write in a way that everyone can understand.  – Till next time… Post with passion!

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