A peek into a writer’s perspective

I found this in one of our old blog posts. Thought it was interesting. So I thought I’d share.

Paragon Media One – Nicole Massari:

Of course, all good days start off with a good cup of coffee.  So naturally, this morning before work I head to Starbucks.  One of my favorite quotes, which can found on a decorative paper towel roll (an excellent source of information) reads, “With Coffee, Anything is Possible!”  I am a firm believer.  Hand me a double-tall-iced-skinny-vanilla latte, and motivated I am and productive I will be.  We are on the top floor of our building, and I’m a bit clumsy to say the least, but I make it up all of the stairs without tripping and spilling, and for that I am thankful.  I say my hellos to everyone, and today, Lou is extremely excited about some great ideas he has for a project we’re working on.  So excited, that I wonder to myself if I should really be giving him his coffee!  I do anyway, mainly because he drinks a half-caf so I think we’ll all be safe.  Feeling a little like a coffee-carrying intern, I deliver the remainder of the coffees, and I sit down at my desk.  Now, time to sip my latte while simultaneously reading and replying to e-mails.  Today is Friday.  If you work in an office, you can always tell the difference between a Friday and any other day… because the overall morale of the office is much higher than that of another day.  Everyone’s mentally planning their weekends, working harder, and looking out their windows like sad puppy dogs waiting to be free.  Fridays are great brainstorming days.  Want to test the theory?  Have a meeting on a Monday morning, and compare the thoughts to those of a Friday meeting.  So, we have our Friday meeting, and we all buzz back to our own little bee-hives to get to work.  What does this mean for me?  Well, I’m the writer, so today, I write this blog.  When I’m done, I’ll work on writing some copy for clients and for our in-house projects.  My job is quite fun, I must be honest.  For instance, take a look at what words can do.  I write the general ideas, but then, by adding adjectives and spicing up the wording, I can make you want to read the ideas.  Watch.

The girl walks down the road.

I bet all of you are having different pictures in your mind.  What does this girl look like?  What kind of road is she walking down?  Where is she going? Now, read what I’d change this to.

I look out my window this morning, and see a blonde-haired girl.  Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, she walks down the busy street, bustling with people.  She is heading to work, coffee in hand, trying not to spill on her light-colored suit.

That’s why I’m a writer.  Writing is more than just sitting behind a desk, researching and typing.  Writing is painting a picture, a vivid one, for the reader.  Take this blog for instance.  I could have said, this morning we drank coffee, and had a meeting.  I checked my e-mails.  And that would have been it.  Pretty boring morning.  Instead, you know what type of coffee I had, the general mood of the day, and the great meeting I attended.   That’s just a small peek into a writer’s perspective.

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